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Planning for Bushfire Protection - Pre-Release 2018

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has been undertaking a review of Planning for Bushfire Protection (PBP) 2006 since 2016.  Following targeted consultation, the draft PBP was revised and placed on public exhibition in 2017.  Since that time, the RFS has worked extensively with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) and relevant stakeholders to prepare a pre-release version of the document.  

On the 3 September 2018, the RFS issued the Pre-Release PBP 2018

According to the RFS website It is anticipated that PBP 2018 will become legislated by mid – 2019, to coincide with the enactment of the National Construction Code 2019. Until then, PBP 2018 is in a ‘pre-release’ stage, also known as the transitional period.

 Until PBP 2018 becomes legislated, PBP 2006 will remain the legally referenced document and PBP 2018 can be used on a performance basis in consultation with NSW RFS only.

 Additional guidance concerning transition provisions is provided as Fact Sheet

Land & Fire Assessments (LFA) Staff Paola Rickard can provide timely information concerning the changes in provisions and how they may impact on your project.

Paola Rickard is a BPAD - Level 3 Accredited Practitioner (Accreditation no. BPAD 21855)

Paoola Rickard has been undertaking bushfire assessments since 2003

Paoola Rickard has been undertaking bushfire assessments since 2003