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Ecological values recognised - Koala Habitat

Koala habitat on private land will be purchased by the NSW State Government in a scheme that will prioritise the purchase of properties, or parts thereof, that support priority Koala habitat.  Koala priority localities include areas of the Northern Rivers, and initially will target the purchase of suitable land adjacent to the conservation reserves. 

Criteria for considering a property include:

  • presence of koala habitat

  • evidence of use by koalas

  • good connection to surrounding native vegetation

  • that reservation would improve the management of threats to koalas in that location.

Land & Fire Assessments (LFA) fully support this move by the NSW Government and encourage landowners to get on board with the scheme.  LFA staff (Tony Coyle and Paola Rickard) have undertaken many assessments of Koala habitat and provide professional advice in relation to the occurrence of Koalas on your property.