Contaminated Land Assessment

CLA Assessments, Detailed Contaminated Land Assessments, SEPP 55 Assessments, Remedial Action Plan, Validation Reports

Land Contamination Assessment

LFA can undertake a range of land contamination assessments from preliminary site history reviews through to the implementation of remediation and validation of a site. Our staff are experienced in the collection and analysis of detailed analytical data.  LFA takes a practical approach to each project and undertakes critical review throughout the course of each project to ensure the most cost effective outcome is achieved.  Types of assessments undertaken by LFA include:

  • Preliminary Land Contamination Assessment Reporting: Site history review, field sampling and associated reporting for single dwelling lots and future subdivisions;

  • Detailed Site Investigations: required in instances where the extent and concentration of contaminants needs to be identified and delineated

  • Remedial Action Plans (RAP): developed to facilitate the remediation of contamination at a site

  • Validation Reporting: sampling and reporting post remediation to allow a site to be declared fit for a prescribed use

  • Site investigation and reporting relating to waste classification

SEPP 55 Assessment

Land contamination assessments for local developments are generally triggered due to the change of use of a site to a more ‘sensitive land use’, such as in the case of where a residential dwelling is proposed to be built on land that was previously used for agriculture.

State Environmental Planning Policy No. 55 – Remediation of Land (SEPP 55) is the planning instrument that guides local councils in relation to the carrying out of development on land within their LGA. In the case of a Development Application (DA), a council will not consent to the carrying out of any development on land unless it has considered whether the land is contaminated (in accordance with cl. 7 of SEPP 55). If the land is found to support contamination council needs to be satisfied that either the land can be developed and/or suitably remediated. 

The process of assessing, remediating and validating a site is described in detail in SEPP 55 and a number of associated guiding documents.

Soil testing_Gold Coast Airport

Soil stockpile characterisation_waste classification

Groundwater well installation_environmental monitoring

Contaminated soil from oil spill_waste classification


LFA staff have undertaken a wide variety of assessments for various clients:

  • Gold Coast Airport Limited

  • Southern Cross University

  • Ergon Energy

  • Richmond Valley Council

  • CivilTech Consulting Engineers

  • A. Fletcher & Associates Pty Ltd


LFA staff participate regularly in workshops and webinars to maintain current knowledge of relevant land contamination issues.